CU 1 for NAV 2016 Has Been Released

The first cumulative update for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 has been released today. It includes all application and platform hotfixes and regulatory features. This cumulative update is known as Build 43402 and you can download it here from Partner Source.

One of the platform hotfixes is solving the issue when Dynamics NAV 2016 overwrites Dynamics NAV 2015 MMC controls. There are also some useful hotfixes as for example: G/L budgets do not export and import as in Dynamics NAV 2015, the password on the Setup page can be edited in view mode, cannot using of toolbar in report preview…

There are also a lot of application hotfixes for almost in all NAV modules.

But I’m not sure what exactly mean the feature: “Setting the language and regional format in the Web client setup is no longer supported”. If I understand it good…

But, first to install it and then more information.

NAV 2016 Universal App System Requirements

In my few articles, I’ve already wrote about Phone Client in NAV 2016 and how to install it on own smartphone with self-signed certificate. Also, I already wrote about NAV 2016 system requirements.

But in all of these articles, I didn’t wrote about system requirements for phone client. And now, it is not phone client; it is an NAV Universal App. It can work on any device you have, but if this device meets requirements.

In short, Universal App can work on devices with Windows 10/8.1, Windows Phone 8.1, iOS 8.4 and Android 4.4.3 with minimum 1 GB RAM (for Windows and Android). Tablets must meet minimum 7″ screen size with minimum 960×510 resolution and Phones must meet minimum 4″ screen size with minimum 854×480 screen resolution.

In my older article about system requirements I said that there are not official data, this is my research. But if you want more about official system requirements, try here on MSDN. I hope, this is a clear.