Tablet Client in NAV 2015

As I already wrote, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 introduce a new user interface called Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet Client. While the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows and Web Clients are designed for mouse and keyboard interaction, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet Client allows users to get access to the data they need from the touch device they prefer, but only on devices in screen sizes range, longer than 7 inches and with screen resolution 960 × 510.

One important thing, we can use new Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet Client on devices, regardless of their operating system. It means that we can use it on Windows tablets, but also on iPad or Android tablets.

For testing purpose, you can open Tablet Client in your browser, but for your really usage, you need to use Apps. Using of SSL is mandatory because of security issues. you can download Apps from different sites, according your platform:


You can also run Tablet Client using browser (IE11 and Chrome 36.0 for Windows are prefered), but if you run Tablet Client from browsers on iPad or Android tablets, you will not be able to download files from client and you will maybe have some other limitations. You can do it from Windows tablets, but if you want other tablets and download files, you have to run this Client from Apps. Microsoft made possibility for Tablet Client using from browser only for developing and testing purpose.

Tablet Client is multilanguage client. As on Web Client, we need to configure Tablet Client on the same way for this purpose. The language that is set for the Client comes from the Web Server Instances and you can specify it on your web.config file. That means that for one Web Server Instance, we have one language. If we want to provide multiple languages, than we have to provide multiple Web Server Instances.

In following posts, I will bring you user experience using Tablet Client.

You can find here system requirements for Tablet Client on browser and Tablet Client Apps on MSDN.


21 thoughts on “Tablet Client in NAV 2015

  1. Hi! Looks like self-signed certificate is not enough for https for testing these apps. Can you confirm that?


  2. Hi Mr. Totovic,
    I followed this post: to make a self-signed Cert and I can connect NAV using Browser (but still show “SSL Conection Error”). The https://***/cronus_80/webclient/tablet.aspx works fine too(LAN and WAN are all ok). But I cannot connect from Ipad using NAV app. I think the cause is the SSL Certificate! Could you please give me some advises about this?
    Thanks and best regards.


  3. experiencing the same thing here, tablet.aspx works on browser but not on app provided by tablets.


  4. @fabian: What OS you use? Did you configured certificates? I have no problem with Windows Tablet. I only tried NAV on other tablets long time ago and in this time, everything was OK.


  5. Hi Totovic,
    I am getting this error on WebClient when I try to open sales order:
    A server error has occurred, and the content cannot be displayed. Refresh the page or open a new browser window.
    Is anything that I am missing on configuration?


  6. Hi Totovic,

    I’m using the Dynamics NAV App v2.0 connected to NAV2015 database and i’m experiencing something weird – i can’t print reports to a normal printer, the only options which appears are PDF Document, MS Word, MS Excel.

    I have the behavior in browser and in the Dynamics App.

    I tried to found some information about this issue but didn’t found anything.

    Do you know if it’s normal behavior?

    Best regards,


  7. For those using Android and self-signed certificates having problems connecting with the App (also NAV Universal App): Please check if the certificate has been installed correctly.

    If you create a self-signed certificate by this manual (, Android will not install the certificate, because it misses the CA-flag.

    Please try this:

    or this (german):


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