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This is the list of the most useful blog with BC as topic:

…and of course, my blog 🙂


6 thoughts on “BC Blogs

  1. Hi Aleksandar,
    thank you for sharing the blog infos. i think it really is about time to bring all MVP around the globe on one platform to centralize the Information about MS Dynamics NAV.
    It make no sense like an Information worker as I to consume round about 50 rss-feeds or more.
    i don’t know what the others like Gary or Mark think about, but we all love NAV , the product info is in focus of Information. All MVP are individuals of course, but the main idea is to share Information from one place.
    and a “come together” community.
    Today the Information Comes around from rss, twitter, retweet , some are double or more and the Information worke must filter the Information to make it unique. sometimes it turnes to Information overkill.

    What do you think about it ?


  2. Finance performance

    There are a few things that are lacking with finance performance
    1- how do you set up account schedules so that users can only see what is relevant to this user Id?
    2 we are using accounting periods based on 445 so how do you set up reports to reflect this because I can not use months since they follow calendar not our accounting periods as week will not me to have a Saturday through to Friday
    When setting up account schedule that filter by g/l and cost centre ie global dimension , drilling on the resultant does not work as it does not for cost centre just gives whole gl


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