MarkoWelcome to our Totovic family Dynamics 365 blog. Our names are Marko Totovic and Aleksandar Totovic (son and father). We are working with Dynamics 365 products, not the same number of years, but we love Dynamics.

Aleksandar started this blog long ago, but after joining Microsoft, he retired from his blogging, and now the blog is in his son’s hands.

Marko met Dynamics solutions as a kid helping his father. First, he started working with NAV/Business Central, but later his career continued in the Dynamics CRM direction. Marko works on interesting international projects implementing different Dynamics 365 CRM solutions (Sales, Marketing…) and Power Platform. But he is also in standard contact with ERP solutions, working on integrations between Business Central, Dynamics CRM solutions, and Power Platform. He is the author of a few trainings and is a frequent speaker at many regional and global Microsoft and community conferences.


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