IMAG0289Welcome to our Totovic family Dynamics blog. Our names are Aleksandar Totovic and Marko Totovic (father and son). Both of us are working with Dynamics products, not the same number of years, but we love Dynamics.

First about father… I was a long time NAV Consultant and Project Manager. During my career, I’ve gained a lot of experience and I want to share it with you.

I was ERP Consulting Director and PMO Director in the one of leading Serbian Microsoft Dynamics partner for a years, and after that I was continue as a free-lancer and Editor in Chief in ERP Magazine (regional on-line magazine) as well. This was a period where I helped partners in complex NAV implementation processes and provided a lot of different trainings. Since January 2014 I was an MVP for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

I like to spend my free time on NAV research and try to be non-selfish in sharing ideas and experiences. I hope, you will find a lot of useful technical and functional information or knowledge on this blog. Generally, my main interests are related to the NAV, but I’m also very interested in Microsoft Azure, O365 and other related products (AX, CRM, PowerApps, Flow, PowerBI,…) and possibility of their usage together with NAV. Before NAV, I worked with a few different ERP solutions for a long time and I have big functional experience in very wide business processes.

Since November 2016, I become a part of Microsoft Corporation as PTS for CEE MCE. But because of sometimes I have my personal opinion, I must to say that everything I write on my blog represents only my personal opinion. Nothing of that is not official Microsoft information. I always try to write in the best possible manner, but I don’t want anyone to think that my texts represent Microsoft official announcement or information.

And now about a son – Marko Totovic…

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