Which NAV versions can run on Windows 10

Today is the big day for Windows 10. As of today, Windows 10 is officially released and available for download. This is about Windows, but where is Microsoft Dynamics NAV here?

Last few months I have tested NAV 2016 (in the beginning it was NAV ‘Corfu’) on Windows 10. Everything works perfect and you will see it very soon (in few following months) if you are not part of TAP or ACE program.

But, I didn’t test older NAV versions but it is very interesting and very important topic. But, my fellow blogger and NAV MVP Erik Hougaard has already tested it and wrote awesome blog post. You will see that the oldest NAV version available on Windows 10 is NAV 5.0, similar as Windows 8 and 7. But, I’m advising you to read complete post and you will for surely enjoy it. Thank you Erik, really good analysis.


15 thoughts on “Which NAV versions can run on Windows 10

  1. Hi,

    I upgraded my system to Windows10 but my NAV is not working properly.

    I’m getting below error:
    “The server “DynamicsNAV71″ was unable to process the request. The application will close.”

    Please help.


      • Service is running, but I’m not able to open client. While opening the same error is coming.


      • have you checked the Client.config at %appdata%? try “windows” authentication and login again.


  2. I got the same error as Ratnesh with Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 8.1, try to modify my spn but I cant, reinstall nav 2015, 2013R2, 2013 and the same problema with all, with 8.1 everything worked fine. Right now i´m moving my DB´s and files to another computer to format my hd and make a clean install (but in Windows server 2012 R2, its better).

    Well my Windows 10 install lasts just 2 hours


    • I tried so many times but didn’t find any solution and in the end I have to go back to my previous build. Now I’m using NAV on windows 8.1


    • Hi fbedolla,

      I got the same error as Ratnesh with Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 8.1. You provide the solution for web client. Can you please provide help to run windows client. because i am getting the error on windows client.

      Thanks in advance


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