New C/AL Editor in NAV 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 has finally introduced a new code editor as we used for the years on other platforms. But this time, Microsoft did a really good work. Now, it is really good editor with a lot of new features, people always ask.

When we compare old and new editor, there are a lot of differences on the first sight.


On the first sight, we can see different showed Triggers. If we try to type some command, variable, constant, function…, we will see that we have autocompleting tool which help us in typing. Then we can see we have line numbers as well and proper syntax highlighting for comments, strings… We can also use very nice syntax tooltip and we have “Undo” function. You can also get very useful information when you put your mouse over…


These are not all improvements, but some of the most interesting. Run you C/AL editor in NAV 2016 and try. Great news in NAV 2016 and really good job.


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