Automatic Recording Permissions in NAV 2016

In older NAV versions, every time we needed more permissions sets then we already have in NAV, we have had a problem. It was not so easy and we had to be careful with this process. There was no some automatic tool for permissions recording. Now, we got it.

If we need more permissions sets, we can make them manually as earlier. But now we can use new automatic tool as well. This tool for recording permissions is based on the code coverage functionality. We can do more different activities on NAV and it will be recorded.


We just need to create a new Permission Set and choose Permissions. We need to click Start button and then we have to work all activities this role need to do. For example, open Sales Orders, create new, and create new Customer and new Item. When you finish with activities, click Stop button on Permissions and system will fill your page with all user rights. System will add only tables you used with Read permission; you have to add other permissions you need (Insert, Modify, Delete).

If you have forget some activities, you can do it again and after you click Yes on question “Do you want to add the recorded permissions?”, you will get add new rights.

This is really useful feature. Maybe we could use some of similar solutions, but now we have it in standard NAV.


10 thoughts on “Automatic Recording Permissions in NAV 2016

  1. This auto generator of permission tool existed in previous version. I used in NAV5. but seems its embedded in nav2016 or still can use a additional tool?


  2. Realy nice, but unfortunately for us not enough .. the old tool (in older versions) was much better, because all object types were recorded .. This new tool only records table datas .. ( I don’t understand, because the code coverage function normally gets all objects and not only table datas?) In our database (and also most of our customers) we use object-level security, it is more work, but we are on the safer side …


  3. interesting but doesn’t work for all page, like page 4 “Payement Terms”. This page have no C/AL code, then this one is not marked by the recorder.


  4. Not Working for me. Only certain tables are recorded. For example I started the recorder, created and posted a simple sales order. Then stopped recorder and gave the recorded permission set permissions to my user and repeated the above steps. When creating order error message for country table. Manually added this permission. Then when posting error message G/L Budgets table. So it’e not 100% safe to use this. Any help?


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