Posting Groups #17 – FA Reclassification Journal Posting

If we need to transfer, split up or combine our fixed assets, we can do it using the FA reclassification journal. In my following example, I split up my existed FA, but everything is almost the same in other examples. Using the FA reclassification journal, system uses only FA Posting Group for G/L entries allocation.

When you Reclassify your journal, you will get lines in FA G/L Journal. After you post it, you can see this posting result in G/L entries in following table:

FA ReclassJ


2 thoughts on “Posting Groups #17 – FA Reclassification Journal Posting

  1. Hello Totovic.

    I have a problem and I hope you could help me.

    I try to post a receivable on the cash receipt journal, and I get the error message ” Nothing to post”.
    The Journal line is not deleted.
    But if I look on the General Ledger Entries, the register is done, there are records about the receivable.

    Then I look on the G/L Registers, and there isn’t the corresponding record.

    So if i try to post the journal again, I get the records duplicated on the General Ledger Entries!

    Could you help me please?
    There is a hot fix about it?
    How can I fix this?


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