NAV 2016 Phone Client

Few months ago, Microsoft has announced new Phone Client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. With today’s NAV 2016 general availability, we can check it. First, NAV has new icon; sails no longer exist. This is new set of icons:


And now again, Phone Client. You can download new NAV 2016 App for iPhone from Apple iTunes. Also it is possible to download from Google Play and Windows Store. You just need to type “Dynamics NAV” in search and you can easy find them. Download them and type your service, username and password. Finally, you can use NAV on all devices and all systems. It looks line:


If you’ve just installed NAV 2016 from Partner Source, you can check how it looks like using Web browser. You just need to add phone.aspx behind .. /WebClient/ (smilar as for Tablet Client emulation) and change the size of browser to emulate phone size; and you don’t need a HTTPS certificates. You will see that Phone Client looks awesome and everything works fine and smoothly. And you can use camera from your phone directly in NAV, for example for document capturing. But for this feature, you have to use this app from phone, because camera cannot be emulated from your browser.

More news, soon.


16 thoughts on “NAV 2016 Phone Client

  1. I have install Dynamicna Nav from android app but when i make a connection from the https,
    appears server connection timeout.

    The url works fine from other browser


      • Thanks for your reply,

        I have create self cerificate on the server and install to my phone.

        From my phone browser, I am able to connect to Navision.

        I use the Default URL: https://“IP SERVER”/DynamicsNav90

        I use the same URL for Dynamics Nav app.


  2. hi,
    Do you have any idea how you select the image (icon) for the factboxes on the rolecenter, i.e. the home, graph and start on your picture (for the mobile client) ?


  3. Hi,
    I have a problem when i try to customize my solution for phone device.
    I can’t download a file from server to phone client.
    I tested with methods of Codeunit 419 FileManagement, but no solution is found.
    please suggest me a solution for this case.


      • Thank for you reply,

        I only want to transfer a .txt file from server to phone client.
        Example: I have partnership.txt file. From a page, I add a action to get file and save it on phone storage.
        I tested on Window client (On computer), It is OK. But, It isn’t OK on Phone Client.


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