Inventory Planning in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Last year I wrote about inventory planning in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (most of them is for NAV2013 or/and NAV2013R2) on my old blog. I think, I can make small reminder on these articles, because this is always current topic.

This is small ‘Table Of Content’ with links to the articles on my blog on the Microsoft Dynamics Community.


OK, I need to finish with remaining subtopics, and because of that I made this reminder here.


4 thoughts on “Inventory Planning in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  1. Hi Marko,

    This is in reference to Part 10.2 Scenario 1 in your article.
    Item A, Inventory = 0, Sales Order = 750, Sales order date = +10D, Safety Stock = 50, Reorder Policy = Fixed, Reorder Point = 100, Reorder Qty = 1000, Min Order Qty = 200, Max Order Qty = 2000.

    In my planning worksheet this creates 3 order proposal lines:
    – for safety stock 50
    – for reorder qty 1000
    – and also for sales order 750
    Which makes qty on demand = 1800 vs your calculation of 1050.

    Could you help with what am I missing here? Is it because of the sales order date? What cycle should be checked to have a result same as yours?

    Any suggestion will be very helpful. Thank you.


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