Waiting for NAV 2015 again

I already wrote about this topic. I want to tell you more about NAV 2015, but I need to wait. We got the message that after Directions US keynote, we can speak all we now about this NAV release. This is only 12 days and after that, I will make blog series about NAV 2015. I can’t wait.
If you can, the best solution is to come on some conferences, scheduled in following one or two months to see NAV 2015 in live:
-Directions US, San Diego (14.09.-16.09.) http://www.navdirections.com/
-Directions EMEA, Poznan (08.10.-10.10.) http://www.directionsemea.com/
-NAVUG Summit, St. Luis (14.10.–17.10.) http://www.navug.com/
-Convergence EMEA, Barcelona (04.10.-06.10.) http://www.microsoft.com/dynamics/convergence/europe14/?p=topnav
-NAV TechDays, Antwerp (19.11.-21.11.) http://www.navtechdays.com/

Also, you can expect a lot of new “How Do I” videos about Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.


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