New NAV2015 Image on Microsoft Azure

Finally, we got a new NAV release as image on Microsoft Azure Gallery. This is Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 CU3. I expected it earlier, because GP 2015 has already existed. But, OK this is not so late. blog-1 Now, all of you who want to test Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, can do it on Microsoft Azure VM. And, I am really happy, because it is with the last CU with great features. You can install it easy as you only need to follow instructions and wait few minutes for deploying. You can use Connect icon to make connection with new Azure VM. When you are signed on VM, you have all necessary links and you can run new NAV. You can run Windows, Web and Tablet clients or Development Environment. You also can run Administration and Development Shells. But I am little disappointed, because again as for NAV2013R2, we have configured Windows credential type, not NavUserPassword. With Windows credential type, you can use this NAV only on this VM. You cannot have really Azure experience. You also have only two endpoints, but you can add additional. blog-2 To make Azure experience with logging from your computer, you have to change credential type with new tools (I will post about it). But regardless of it, it image has excellent tools. You can find all important location for NAV on VM easy and you can add your language, as well and do other great things. Some of features are not installed by default, but you can easy find installation DVD (using link on home page) and finish it if you need. You also can find a lot of cool demos. In any case, thanks to Microsoft for this image. I will have a lot of information for few days, after I make a few demos.


8 thoughts on “New NAV2015 Image on Microsoft Azure

  1. You can use this VM with O365/AAD or UserPassword credentials.

    You may need to add this additionnal ports :
    – HTTPS, TCP 443
    – HTTP, TCP 80
    – WinClient, TCP 7046
    – SoapServices, TCP 7047
    – ODataServices, TCP 7048
    – HelpServer, TCP 49000


      • Yes… and no.

        – For additional ports, yes (I don’y know if they have the possibility to fix them in the template).
        – for NavUSerPassword, no ; it’s enabled once the certificate is generated after running initialization script C:\DEMO\Initialize\install.ps1


  2. is possible to install the NA version in the vm? or configure it to change the language? i need Spanish (Mexico) language

    (sorry for the bad english, i speak spanish)


  3. is possible to install the NA version in the vm? or configure it to change the language? i need Spanish (Mexico) language

    ( sorry for the bad english, i speak spanish)

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    • When you deploy image and run ‘Initialize the Virtual Machine’ PowerShell script, you can choose one of following languages/regions:
      – de-AT
      – en-AU
      – nl-BE
      – de-CH
      – cs-CZ
      – de-DE
      – da-DK
      – es-ES
      – fi-FI
      – fr-FR
      – en-GB
      – is-IS
      – it-IT
      – en-US
      – nl-NL
      – nb-NO
      – en-NZ
      – ru-RU
      – sv-SE
      – en-US
      One of them is Spanish (es-ES). You can also add some other localization, but this require a bit more works.


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