Posting Groups #8 – Revaluation Posting

In my last post, I have touched Revaluation process, but only for Standard cost changing. We can use Revaluation for other cases, as well.

If we change cost only for items on stock, it will be the same situation as on previous example. But, if we want to change cost for already sold or consumed stock, it will be with some differences. First, when we change the cost, we will get the same entries, as I already show in previous post. But, when we run Adjust Cost – Item Entries batch job, we will get the new G/L entries.

I made three scenarios:

In the first scenario, I have raw material with FIFO cost type. I consume this raw material on production order to produce finish goods, configured as also FIFO cost type. In this case, result of posting in G/L entry will be as following:


In the second scenario, everything was the same, but only finish goods was configured as Standard cost type. In this case, result of posting in G/L entry will be a bit different, as following example:


And, in the third scenario, I change the cost on already sold items. In this scenario, G/L entries will be as following:



Posting Groups #7 – Change Standard Cost

If you use Standard cost type for your Items and you want to change it, you need to use Standard Cost Worksheet. When you run Implement Standard Cost Changes command, all changes will be moved to Revaluation Journal.

When you post Revaluation Journal, you will get following G/L entries, if you have cost increasing:


If you have cost decreasing, you will get the same Accounts, but the different values, as following: