Surface Pro 3 vs. iPad Pro

First I want to apologize because this is not topic I have a big knowledge. But I use Surface Pro 3 everyday. I still can remember that people said Surface sucks and iPad is the great machine. OK, what now? I suppose, now it is a cool thing, because Apple made it…

I still didn’t see this new iPad and I have knowledge only from some articles. OK, all computers have something better compared to other. On first sight, iPad pro is thinner and slightly lighter and has better screen resolution… and yes, better camera (but this is still computer, not a camera). But on iPad, you can choose 32 or 128 GB of storage and you cannot expand it. For business needs, this is frivolity. On other side, Surface Pro 3 has 62/128/256/512 GB of storage. Apple hasn’t said how much memory is inside, but we know Surface has 4 or 8 GB. Apple Pencil is a $99, but you are getting it in package when you are buying Surface Pro 3. Apple keyboard is more expensive and it miss a touch pad. On other side, on Surface I can use a full Windows 10 and of course, this is not a new device. Microsoft will release Surface Pro 4 soon and we will see what news we will get in new MS device.

By my opinion iPad is awesome device, but it is still a toy. Surface is seriously device for working and I will choose Surface in the future. Maybe Surface is not so cool, but I need a tool not a fancy toy.

As I’ve already said I’m not an expert for this area. You can find more seriously articles here. I will continue with my NAV :).


2 thoughts on “Surface Pro 3 vs. iPad Pro

  1. Got a SP3, great tablet-pc, can do anything a normal pc can do, and more. Love it, but need extra keyboard and monitor if you want to use it full time. Don’t like it for NAV development, as everything gets too small. Have you checked out the upcoming Surface Pro 4? It will have both 12″ and 14″ screens.


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