Using of Posting Groups – Table of Content

Posting groups in Microsoft Dynamics NAV are very important part of configuration process. All G/L Entries depends of correctly configured posting groups. We can find a lot of them: General Business and Product Posting Groups, VAT Business and Product Posting Groups, Customer and Vendor Posting Groups, Inventory Posting Groups…

Sometime, it is very confusing how it works, especially for unexperienced people. Because of that, I will prepare small school of using of posting groups. In following posts, I will prepare a lot of examples to be clear what we get.

This post will be updated with TOC of all regarding posts to have everything on one place.

A) Purchase & Sales

A1) Item Purchase Posting

A2) Item Sales Posting

A3) Item Charges Purchase Posting

A4) Item Sale Posting with Payment Method

A5) Item Returns Posting (Sales & Purchase)

A6) Finance Charge Memos and Reminders with Fees

A7) Prepayments Posting

A8) Payment Posting with same and different currencies

A9) Payment Discounts and Tolerances

A10) Deferrals in Purchase

A11) Deferrals in Sales

B) Inventory Management

B1) Adjust Cost – Item Entries Posting

B2) Change Standard Cost (using Revaluation)

B3) Revaluation Posting

B4) Assembly Orders

C) Production Management

C1) Manufacturing Posting (FIFO & Average)

C2) Manufacturing Posting (Standard Cost Type)

D) Fixed Assets

D1) FA Purchase Posting (Acquisition and Maintenance)

D2) FA Depreciation Posting

D3) FA Reclassification Journal Posting

D4) FA Sales Posting

D5) FA Sales Credit Memo Posting

D6) FA Write-Down and Appreciation Posting

D7) FA Disposal Posting

E) Jobs

E1) Item Purchase for Job Posting

E2) Job WIP Posting (part 1)

E3) Job WIP Posting (part 2)

E4) Job WIP Posting (part 3) – Cost Value WIP Method

F) Service Management

F1) Consumption and Invoicing using Service Order

F2) Posting in Service Order with Warranty Option


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