What is Posting Preview in NAV 2016?

I’m sure that your clients many times asked to make some feature to see results of posting before they post document, at least G/L entries as report. My clients asked for this a hundred times.

This was on first sight very simple requirement, but in practice… Now with NAV 2016, we finally got it. And not only we did get it… we have got the awesome feature. It looks like so simply and because of that it is awesome.

You just need to click on Preview Posting command in your ribbon and you will get completely navigated page with all entries (G/L entries, Customer/Vendor entries, VAT entries, Value entries…). Everything is the same as you already post this document, but this is not posted. All links are here… perfect.


Of course, you will not see Document No. for example; this is because we still have not this data.

You can find this feature on almost all documents and journals. It miss maybe only on few of them. This solution is based on temporary tables. When you look at these objects, everything will be clearer.


Try it and you will see how good it is.


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