Report Layouts per Customer in NAV 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is released about one month and we could see a lot of different new features. One of the small but amazing news is possibility to add different report layouts per each customer. This was one of very often requirement in implementation process and finally we can use it.

We can choose different reports per customer and after that, different report layouts. We can also add an e-mail as default per each document. It is possible for Quote, Order Confirmation, Invoice, Credit Memo and Customer Statement.


We just need to open a customer card and find Document Layouts on Navigate tab. Than choose report IDs and layouts. Eventually, you can add an e-mail. You can use RDLC or Word layouts, as well. Now, if you print one of these documents, you will see that these report document layouts are configured as default.

If you want to make new document report Word layout, I already wrote about it here.


16 thoughts on “Report Layouts per Customer in NAV 2016

  1. Hi,

    Do you think MS will add usage support for warehouse packing lists anytime soon? Payment reminders and the possibility to add pdf attachments (like return forms for shipments) would also be very useful.

    Please pass on to MS if possible, would like to see this in a future CU. Thanks:)


  2. I know, but I think they will listen more to you MVP´s than a little customer in the Nordics:)


  3. Hi sir

    How i set particular customer word layout report to ant particular customer in navision 2016??


  4. hello,
    did anybody try to get same effect but based on a customer group or language code or something more “global”.
    I want the system to chose a word layout based on a language code for example. So I can store my words layout in different language and on printing the system chose the right one base on customer language.

    thanx for any inputs.


    • I’m not sure if I understand you. Why you want to create report layout based on language? System will use language code you configured on customer. Of course if you have configured captions in this language.


      • Of course, the situation is to print some contracts (big word doc) in customer language and adding dynamically some Nav data into them. That was my idea.


  5. My company has 2 different sets of print ticket layouts (report IDs) in warehouse shipment. Is it possible to assign Warehouse Shipment (Print Tick Report ID) to a customer on the document layout?


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