How to Run NAV 2016 Integration with CRM Online

In my previous article, I described how you can register your trial CRM Online subscription. Now, I suppose you want to test new feature in NAV 2016 – enabling natively integration with CRM Online.

We can do in on following way. Before we start with integration, we should enable encryption in Data Encryption Management page. After that, to configure connection in NAV 2016, open “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connection Setup” page and type your Dynamics CRM Online URL you already registered (, your username (full and password.

Now we need to test the connection settings. We can do it running Test Connection command on ribbon. When we run it, NAV will try to establish a connection to the Dynamics CRM server and if the settings are valid and a connection can be established, a message appears that states the test was successful. If everything is OK, then we need click in Enable check-box.


After you configure all these fields, you need to click Yes to make synchronization between CRM Online and NAV. After synchronization is finished, the connection to CRM Online is configured and CRM integration is enabled.


Now, you can configure some additional fields if you want. I suppose to use help for this (but I’ll write about it in other articles). And on the end, if you want to disable CRM integration, you only need to uncheck Enable field.


9 thoughts on “How to Run NAV 2016 Integration with CRM Online

  1. Thanks for all your posts. They are really helpful.
    Does the nav 2016 need some other license than the extended one In order the customer to use the crm integration?
    Kind regards


  2. Thanks for all your posts.
    ¿How to integrate lookup CRM fields to NAVISION?

    When i exported the table from CRM (New-NavCrmTable) it didnt export all this kind of fields .
    Is there any way to do it?


  3. hi sir
    Thanks for replay
    now i had done setup related to crm connection to nav done .
    my salespeople from navision is gating sync with crm user in online 365 crm .
    now when i am doing crm connection test from navision crm connector setup it will give me error in following ”
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    Table connection for table type CRM has already been registered.
    and second i am using user for crm connection
    is that user require office 365 authentication active ?
    is that user require Access control service authentication status registered ?
    if yes than how i have to registered user for ACS Access ?


  4. Hello

    I have little experience integrating nav with crm, we have migrated the NAV to the 2016 version and we need to integrate it with crm online, the organization is new, we do not have loaded the lists of prices and products

    I have the following questions.

    Should I create the price lists and products in crm before doing the integration or synchronization can be created from NAV?

    The standard cost and current cost fields are natively integrated?

    I need to create a new field in the entity order of type lookup which field type corresponds in NAV, do I run any command in powershell or can I perform synchronization via interface?


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