What is New in NAV 2017?

I notice, Microsoft yesterday has published a “What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Limited Beta” document on a PartnerSource. And they also provide a link to download this limited beta version here. In the same time, during the Directions conference call we were introduced with Directions sessions and where NAV will be in the future (you can find more details about it on Waldo blog). Because of that, I strongly suggest to download both of them to see what is new and how it works.


Of course, when I looked in the document, I’m seeing there are still some new thinks still didn’t published (I think this is still by NDA or…). But briefly, these are the most important news.

  • Improving incoming documents with OCR support for document lines, filtering…
  • Item Categorizing and Item Attributes (I’ve already wrote about this).
  • Finally we can cancel sales and purchase invoice and credit memos.
  • We have Account Categories and some other functional improvements (Reconciliation, Jobs, Fixed Assets, some US financial reports…).
  • Simplified setup of CRM and better features in CRM integration.
  • Better Office 365 integration and especially introduce in NAV on Outlook mail and calendar.
  • Smart notifications and finally really good extensions capabilities (you will like both of them). You can find a lot about new extensions on Mark Brummel blog. And something really new – Application area tags (I’ll write more about it soon).

OK this is just briefly, and I will write more about these features soon as something more.


6 thoughts on “What is New in NAV 2017?

  1. Hi.
    I’m integrating Outlook with Dynamics NAV I have a server in which there are 2 environments of Nav one in version 2018 and another in 2017, in 2018 the integration works correctly with the database locally, but in the 2018 no and in that instance the database is in the AZURE portal.
    My question is, why does not the integration in the base that is on the AZURE portal adequately perform?


    • I’m not sure what is a problem. Generally this integration works fine and this is not important where your database is. You just need to make proper configuration.


      • las configuraciones que he realizado en mis 2 ambientes de nav son las mismas y realice la integracion para ambas ;la unica diferencia que encontre fue la que ya le he comentado.


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