My presentations from Directions conferences

Directions EMEA was finished one week ago. Ten days before, we finished with Directions NA conference. Both of these conferences were amazing and it was an honor to attend on them and to have some presentations.


After these presentations, people who attended ask me to get these presentations. I know that both of Directions will publish these presentations, but in the mean time, I want to give you everything I prepared.

On the following link, you can get all three presentations:

  • DirectionsNA – Water-Agile-Fall methodology and NAV implementation
  • DirectionsNA – Choosing the best possible Azure platform for NAV
  • DirectionsEMEA – Choosing the best possible Azure platform for NAV

Thank you for being on my sessions and see you the next year in Orlando and/or Madrid. If you have some additional questions, do not hesitate to ask (you can use direct messaging on blog). Cheers.


One thought on “My presentations from Directions conferences

  1. Aleksandar,
    I attended one of your sessions in Phoenix – thanks for presenting!

    Any chance of getting the slides in ppt, or having the slides where the performance difference are detailed out separated out onto different slides rather than animations? The performance slides only show the starting point of your charts where the SQL VM performance was shown. If I remember from your presentation, you showed a number of iterations of it comparing to the different standard and premium tiers where the performance gap between Azure SQL and SQL on VM lessened.

    I was hoping to be reminded of that, but can’t see that in the slide deck.



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