Report Scheduling in NAV 2015

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 offers an easy way to run reports on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server at a specified time and deliver the resultant report to a ‘Report Inbox’ on your Role Center.

This new feature – scheduling reports lets end-users to:

  • Run performance intensive reports on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.
  • Free up user interface threads while reports are running.
  • Save the resultant reports for later viewing.

The user can select when reports are run and the output format, such as .PDF or Word. We can do it when we want to print document. Only we need is to choose schedule option and fill dialog box with date and time when we want to get a report.


If we want to use this feature, we first need to make some configuration. We have to set up a job queue that will run the scheduled reports and add the report inbox to the Role Center. When we configure all of these and when we run report scheduling, we can see that we have new report in report inbox on role center in scheduled date and time. After that, we can double-click on these new report entry and open the report.


Fine new feature, especially when we have sized reports which requires a lot of times for creating. This functionality works from all clients, it doesn’t matter is this Windows, Web or Tablet Client.


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