Deploying NAV 2016 on Azure SQL on NAVTechDays

I have already wrote about NAV TechDays 2015. By my opinion, this is the best global NAV technical conference. I didn’t introduce you in my session, because in this moment this topic was still by NDA. But now, we heard about it on WPC in Atlanta this week.

Now I can introduce you in my session about Deploying and Managing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 with Azure SQL Server. You can learn a lot about this awesome feature. I have already introduced in this topic with small article on my blog, but on this session I will present full concept with lot of demos. You can find more about this session here.

But beside my session, there will be a lot of good sessions by other lecturers and you can find all of them here. I think all these sessions will be good reason to register for this conference in Antwerp.

See you there…


8 thoughts on “Deploying NAV 2016 on Azure SQL on NAVTechDays

  1. How the authentication is handled? Looks like Azure SQL is not handling Windows-authentication from service.


  2. Hi,

    I’ve got to grips with NAV 2016 using the Azure SQL.

    What i can’t seem to get working and I can’t find anything online is multi tenancy using Azure SQL db. To create a multi tenanted environment you have to run powers shell scripts. These scripts use Windows authentication and this isn’t an option with azure SQL. I can’t find an alternative.

    Am I missing something? If so I’d really appreciate some tips or if it’s a restriction I’d like a definative answer.



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