UpdatePropagation Property on NAV 2015 Page

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, a new property called UpdatePropagation is added to the page fields.


The introduction of this property makes it possible to update a parent page from a subpage automatically without using the page Refresh button. From child page request parent page to do update instead. The parent page first updates itself and then the children.

It sets a value that specifies what happens when a main page with a subpage is updated. The UpdatePropagation property is available on part controls and has two options; Subpage and Both.

If UpdatePropagation is set to Subpage, an update action will update the subpage only. If UpdatePropagation is set to Both, an update action will update both the main page and the subpage. This is useful if a value on the subpage changes, and you want a main page total to be refreshed automatically. Also, it works on all NAV Clients, doesn’t matter is this Windows, Web or Tablet client.

We can use the UpdatePropagation property to update a main page total, when the amount on the subpage lines is updated. To do that, add a CurrPage.UPDATE(); call, for example, in the OnValidate trigger on the subpage to have the UpdatePropagation property take effect.


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