Mandatory Fields in NAV 2015

I suppose that all of you who are already developers, have requirements to mark fields that specify whether users must enter a value. Now, with new ShowMandatory property on page fields, we can do it easily. This is small, but very useful thing in NAV 2015.

When we set value in field as mandatory, the field will be marked on the page with a red asterisk and does not enforce any validation. Once the field is filled, the red asterisk disappears. When we configure this property, this red asterisk will appear on all Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients – Windows, Web and Tablet Clients. In Windows Client, the red asterisk is inside the mandatory field, but in Web and Tablet Clients, the asterisk is in front the field. Everything works the same in all clients. The ShowMandatory property can be specified as true, false, or as an expression.


As remark, the ShowMandatory property controls marking the page field with a red asterisk independently of the NotBlank Property. The ShowMandatory property can be used to mark all page fields, but does not enforce any validation of the field. This means that the user will be able to close a page without entering data.

Tablet Client in NAV 2015

As I already wrote, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 introduce a new user interface called Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet Client. While the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows and Web Clients are designed for mouse and keyboard interaction, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet Client allows users to get access to the data they need from the touch device they prefer, but only on devices in screen sizes range, longer than 7 inches and with screen resolution 960 × 510.

One important thing, we can use new Microsoft Dynamics NAV Tablet Client on devices, regardless of their operating system. It means that we can use it on Windows tablets, but also on iPad or Android tablets.

For testing purpose, you can open Tablet Client in your browser, but for your really usage, you need to use Apps. Using of SSL is mandatory because of security issues. you can download Apps from different sites, according your platform:


You can also run Tablet Client using browser (IE11 and Chrome 36.0 for Windows are prefered), but if you run Tablet Client from browsers on iPad or Android tablets, you will not be able to download files from client and you will maybe have some other limitations. You can do it from Windows tablets, but if you want other tablets and download files, you have to run this Client from Apps. Microsoft made possibility for Tablet Client using from browser only for developing and testing purpose.

Tablet Client is multilanguage client. As on Web Client, we need to configure Tablet Client on the same way for this purpose. The language that is set for the Client comes from the Web Server Instances and you can specify it on your web.config file. That means that for one Web Server Instance, we have one language. If we want to provide multiple languages, than we have to provide multiple Web Server Instances.

In following posts, I will bring you user experience using Tablet Client.

You can find here system requirements for Tablet Client on browser and Tablet Client Apps on MSDN.

NAV 2015 is Alive

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 is formal presented on Direction US. Now, this release is no longer a secret and we can speak about it. This release is announcing to be available on October 1st to new customers and on October 6th to existing customers. If I’m not wrong, new NAV will be available in 25 localization versions, but for lot of other countries, we still need to prepare localizations, but I think it will not be a big job.

From tomorrow, I will be happy to make available a some technical news every day: client changes, page and report changes, new cmdlets, and lots of other enhancements.

Reservations and Planning/Projected availability calculation

Microsoft Dynamics Team Blog publish one interesting article today. This one is about impact of Reservations in the Planning and Projected availability calculation. Does planning and projecting system include or not reserved quantities in the calculation?

You can find all details on:

Excellent described processes.

System Requirements for NAV 2015

I have just finished testing installation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 on different Server platforms. I’m looking for minimum system requirements for this new release.
On the end, I can tell you that new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 works fine on following system (but only on 64-bit editions):

  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Server 2008 R2 SP2

Of course, NAV 2015 works excellent on all newer systems.

One notice, when you install NAV 2015 on this configuration, you previously have to install Windows PowerShell 3.0. Also, you have to add Windows Search on your Windows Server 2008 R2, adding it from the Server Manager.

More about NAV 2015, after keynote on Directions US (September 14th).

Inventory Planning in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Last year I wrote about inventory planning in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (most of them is for NAV2013 or/and NAV2013R2) on my old blog. I think, I can make small reminder on these articles, because this is always current topic.

This is small ‘Table Of Content’ with links to the articles on my blog on the Microsoft Dynamics Community.


OK, I need to finish with remaining subtopics, and because of that I made this reminder here.