15 thoughts on “How Deferrals Works in NAV 2016?

  1. Thanks for your share. A question – I think that Recurring Journal has the same result. Am I right?

    Best regards,


    • If you think on Allocations in Rec.Journal, it is not the same. You can use Rec.Journals to allocate your already posted entries to other dimensions…
      But using deferrals, you can allocate posting of expenses and revenues on different dates in original documents.


      • Thanks for your answer,.
        Yes, I actually thought this feature as allocation :D. I think I’ll have to try it on NAV 2016 to see how it works.


    • The deferral cannot works outside the accounting periods that have been configured, but you have combine different accounting periods (if you already opened them).


      • Hello even after had open like 2 period i mean years i still get this error “deferred schedule fall outside account period ” Any Help


  2. Hi atotovic,

    How were you able to make it as customization in older NAV version (like you did in your own Company)
    Does this demand a whole lot of programming?

    Can you try to descripe how it worked? I am trying to find a better solution than all these spreadsheets for my Company.
    i am looking for solution similar to the Deferring Revenues and Expenses

    Thank you very much in advance for your answer!

    Best regards


  3. Deferrals does not seem to allow discounts. So if you are going to make deferrals on invoices and want to add discount, it does not seem to cater for it.


  4. I have created Accounting period from 1.4.2017 to 31.3.2019, still i am getting following error while trying to post GL with deferral templates:

    “The deferral schedule falls outside the accounting periods that have been set up for the company”

    Kindly suggest how to sort out the above error.


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