NAV 2016 Web/Tablet Client – Hiding/Showing Columns

Web Client in NAV 2015 was really good, but it still needed some small improvements. I was in situation to provide only Web Client to one my small client. So it was my research, whether it is possible to use only Web Client.

My conclusion was that it is possible. When you don’t know for Windows Client, Web Client is just fine. Maybe it is not the most comfortable, but it is fine (especially for smaller clients). But if you now for something better (Windows Client) then Web Client has a lot of small limitations.

Now, with new NAV (2016) release, Microsoft has improved lot of them and I can notice that Web Client is better than Windows Client in some points. One of the biggest lacks was impossibility to hide and show columns.

Now, we can do it very easy. By my opinion, it is better made in comparison with Windows Client. You just need to press right-click on heading and choose Hide Column or Choose Column.


If you want to choose Choose Column, you will open something very similar as in old Classic Client and choose what field you want to display. I just love this small feature. It is easy and fast way to choose columns. The setting will be saved for the next time you use NAV.


OK, unfortunately it still have some limitations. Columns are added based on the same order, as they are specified on the page; they cannot be reordered. And to not forget, the same feature is on Tablet Client as well and you can see it is very similar.


And finally, these are not the only improvements on Web and Tablet Clients. We have a lot of them and I will show some of them in future posts in few following days.


3 thoughts on “NAV 2016 Web/Tablet Client – Hiding/Showing Columns

  1. I actually like the Web and Tablet client. But both of them miss some useful features (as I think):
    – Web: no Departments menu, but of course I can use search instead.
    – Tablet: no Search
    I hope Microsoft will add these to Web and Tablet.


    • I agree with you, but Web Client is better and better in each new version. I really hope, people will start to work with Web more in next two versions.


  2. Hi!
    I have an iphone 5C, when I try to connect to dynamics nav 2016 web client since safari, I get the next error: Server Error in ‘/NAV/WebClient’ Application
    Runtime error

    Could you help me please?

    six months ago, I tried with an ipad, and I dont get this problem, the connnection was correct, but now i cant do this.


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