Posting Groups #26 – Deferrals in Purchase

Last year I had a series of articles about using Posting Groups in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Now, I want to continue with some small updates.

I already wrote about using Posting Groups in purchasing process, but now I want to add a model when we use Deferrals (a very nice new feature in NAV 2016). In this case, we have some differences compared with a standard posting. System will use some different rules about Posting Groups (you can check standard purchase posting model here). In the following chart, you can understand how system uses Posting Groups when we have deferrals on Purchase document:


When we post document and get purchase posted invoice, we will get the following G/L Entries. You can find completely description of them in the next table:


You can notice that we have more line amounts. Number of lines is based on number of period defined in Deferral Template. For each period, we have two lines (positive and negative). We have always first period lines, but other period lines are behind all entries, because they have not the same posting date. Their posting date is based on setup in Deferral Template.


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