February Cumulative Updates for NAV

Today, Microsoft has been released a new Cumulative Updates for the following NAV versions:

You can download all of these Cumulative Updates from the previous links. Of course, as we already expected, the most platform and application hotfixes are intended for the newer NAV versions. For example, NAV 2013 has only one Application hotfix and two Platform hotfixes; and few local hotfixes as well. NAV 2013 R2 has some more Application and Platform hotfixes, but there are still just few.

  • NAV 2016 and NAV 2015 again have some common hotfixes as:
  • Ways to split Sync-NAVTenant into multiple transactions
  • The Dynamics NAV client crashes if you filter on @*
  • You cannot copy a company to another tenant
  • Cannot export to Excel from the web client if the relevant page has the SourceTableTemporary property set to Yes
  • Invoke-NAVCodeunit always runs in the Dynamics NAV client time zone

There are a lot of interesting hotfixes and you can see all details on previous links.

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