NAV and D365 Roadmap and New Ideas

In the last period, we used to have one slide with roadmap about future release of Dynamics NAV with few expected enhancements. But now, instead of this, we have new dedicated site for roadmap. You just need to run here, and you will open this site. Generally, when open it, you can see this is for Dynamics 365, but when you change to Business Edition and choose Dynamics 365 for Financials, you can see all new future features for both of products D365 for Financials and Dynamics NAV.


But this is just to know what will be in a future. Of course, some strategic features will not be announce here and we need to wait to see them official release. But I am sure, the most of you want to be more engaged in this part “what will be in the future”. In the past (and now) we have a Connect site. This was a place where you could add new product suggestions. But generally it was for the current and past NAV versions and it was used mostly for some bugs and improvement ideas.


Now we have something better. You just need to go to for all Dynamics 365 products or to for Dynamics 365 for Financials and as I already said for the Dynamics NAV (because they are the same in the basic). On this site, you can suggest new idea or vote for some of existing idea. This forum is very nice created and it is important that every day you can see current status of your suggestion.


Of course if you want to suggest a new idea or to vote, you must be signed in, because it will not be a fair to put something as anonimus. But with all this organization, I’m really sure that we will get amazing products in the future.


Do You Have Suggestions for Better NAV?

Very often I hear ideas how NAV can be better, but people think Microsoft doesn’t listen. This is not true, Microsoft really wants to hear all your suggestions. Customer feedback is very important for Microsoft. Because of that, spend a bit of time to give your suggestions about NAV.

If you don’t know how you can do it, just try to login to Microsoft Connect. You can add your suggestions here or support some other good idea. If you want to create a new, just click on this button and choose NAV as your product.


If you want to give a chance to your idea, try to be detailed with reasons why it will improve NAV. I know, many of you already know for this possibility, but many of you don’t know. Give your ideas and make an NAV better.