Posting Groups #5 – Manufacturing Posting

When we post manufacturing processes, we have Production Order as the base document. Then, we can use Production Journal (for posting in one step), or Consumption and Output Journals (for posting in two steps). Never mind, what you variant use, result in G/L Entries is the same.

In any case, we have some rules about using posting groups. Some posting groups are used from items, and other from work centers. In following chart, you can see how system uses posting groups in manufacturing posting.

Production Diagram

Difference in G/L Entries can be based on Costing Method you use for output items. It is not the same when you use Standard or some other costing methods. In this example, I will describe non-standard method (in this case I have used FIFO). I will describe using of standard method in next post.

In this example, when we post consumption and output, we will get following entries in G/L Ledger. These are only cost of Item consumption and cost of Work Centers using:


When we change status of Production Order to Finished, we will get additional G/L Entries. These are cost of output Item, calculated from consumption Items and Work Centers usage. You can find these entries in next table:



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