Posting Groups #4 – Adjust Cost – Item Entries Posting

When we run Adjust Cost – Item Entries batch job, system forwards any cost changes from inbound entries, to the related outbound entries. In our small example, we will see what we will get after post Item Charges to already sold items. Currently, we will use very simple example; we have only purchased and sold item.

In this example, automatic cost adjustment is not configured. We can use example with additional costs using Item Charge or using higher cost on Invoice in comparison with Receipt.

When we run this batch job, we will get G/L Entries as result. You can find completely description of them in next table:


System will post only the difference between the higher and lower costs. System will use Inventory Posting Setup from Inventory Posting Group and Location on source document. On the same way, system will use General Posting Setup from the same source document, but from General Business and Production Posting Groups from document header and line.

In some other examples, it can be more complex posting, but I will process this examples in another articles.


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