NAV 2016 on Azure SQL Server

NAV 2016 database can be deployed on Azure SQL Server. Until yesterday, this news was a secret. I wanted to write about it, but it was by the NDA. Now, this news was published at WPC in Atlanta and we can discuss about it. But, the most of this is still by NDA and I cannot speak everything about this topic.


This feature will enable the better experience of NAV on Azure and better possibility for migration of NAV implementation to cloud.

Regarding that, I will have session with this topic on NAV Tech Days 2015 in Antwerp, Belgium. If you want to know how to deploy and configure NAV 2016 database on Azure SQL Server, come on this awesome conference and be patient J.

NAV ‘Corfu’ is now NAV 2016

Today at WPC in Orlando, Microsoft have published official name of new NAV. Now, it is Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. New NAV will be released in few following months with really lot of news. Some of them are: Phone Client, better In/On, works natively with Power BI and CRM Online, e-Everything, Posting Preview, OCR, Workflow,…


These information are official and you could see them on WPC. But, you can expect more details very soon (after NDA).

New Cumulative Updates for NAV2013R2 (CU21) and NAV2013 (CU28)

Two days after publishing of the newest Cumulative Update for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, Microsoft has published new Cumulative Updates for two older versions NAV 2013 and NAV 2013 R2, as well. There are:


You can download them from previous links. These CUs are named as Build 41768 (NAV 2013 R2) and Build 41767 (NAV 2013). You can see that these CUs have both Platform and Application hotfixes. The most of Application hotfixes are for NAV 2013 R2 and only three of them for NAV 2013.

New Cumulative Update 9 for NAV 2015 has been released

Cumulative Update 9 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 has been released today. You must convert the database if you are upgrading to this cumulative update from a cumulative update earlier than Cumulative Update 9. It includes the most of application area (Cash Management, Finance, Inventory, Jobs, Manufacturing, Sales, Service and Warehouse) and very useful platform hotfixes and regulatory features that have been for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.

It also has a lot application hotfixes for following localizations: Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Spanish, France, Italy, NA, Netherlands and Russia.

You can download Cumulative Update 9 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 from here. This CU is named as Build 41779.

NAV TechDays 2015 Announcement


NAV TechDays is one of the best Microsoft Dynamics NAV technical conferences. This conferences is organized by Mibuso (I think all of you who work with NAV already knows what is Mibuso). NAV TechDays is the place where some of the best developers and leading business owners cross paths, exchange ideas, find partners and conceive projects. Every year conference has more and more attendees. I expect the same situation this year as well.

NAV TechDays 2015 is scheduled in November 19 & 20 (with pre-conference day at November 18). Currently we already know some of lectures and all of the labs on pre-conference day. On pre-conference day you can participate on one of the following labs:

  • Power BI for Dynamics NAV
  • Working with PowerShell in NAV 2015
  • Troubleshooting Essential for SQL Server and Dynamics NAV
  • Let it build! (TFS Build for Dynamics NAV)
  • NAV ALM using Team Foundation Server
  • Implementing the RoleTailored client with success
  • Installing and Configuring SQL Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Developing control add-ins for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • NAV on Azure & in Office 365
  • An Introduction to Scrum
  • Generic, Repeatable & Low footprint coding techniques
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Architecture and Design Patterns

After this pre-conference day there will be two days of high valuable technical sessions. All speakers are the very experienced and well known in NAV world. The most of them are the MVPs or Microsoft employees. You can find all of them here.

Currently we already know titles of three sessions, prepared by Jorg, Arend and Vjeko. I also know title of my session on NAV TechDays. It will be one very exciting news about NAV ‘Corfu’ and Microsoft Azure, but currently I cannot publish it because this news is still by NDA. In few following months I will publish this title.

You can fill registration form on this page and I hope to see you there.

Now, I will continue with my Posting Groups series J and some new topics on this blog… See you…