Posting Groups in Service Management with Warranty

I’ve already show how looks like using of posting groups in Service Management in NAV, but when you use Service Item with currently active Warranty, there are some differences. Generally, system will use Line Discounts configured on Service Item as Warranty % for “parts” and “labor”. If you have 100% warranty, posting will be as the following:


System posted inventory cost for all item line based on costing type. But for each line (Item, Resource…) system posts sales line amount and the discount with the same value.

But, when you have warranty with the less percentage than 100%, it will be a bit difference. System will post item cost again, but for each line, system posts sales line amount, discount and value as difference between sales amount and discount:



3 thoughts on “Posting Groups in Service Management with Warranty

  1. Hi Mr. Totovic,
    I would like to ask you about setup posting groups in service management center.
    I am trying to set up service center for internal company use. Our machine will be service item, but I am not sure how to set up posting regarding the fact that the customer will be our own company.

    Thank you in advance


    • Service Management in NAV is not intended for internal service. But you can make something similar. This is not enough just to configure posting groups, you also need to configure payment method. The best solution is to ask your consultant for this; this is something he must to know.


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