A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This is almost the end of this year and I want to wish to all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


It is also the time to make a small retrospective of this year. Personally, this year was really great for me, as well as the previous year. I had a lot of very good projects, I started with publishing new magazine (and already got the award for this idea), I traveled a lot of countries and I was speaker on lot of very interesting conferences all around the world (and also in my country). I met a lot of new good friends. We got a new really exciting NAV version… I hope the next year will be the same and maybe even better.

I want to say thanks to all people that supported me. Of course, thanks to all people that do not supported me :-); they are a reason I am trying to be better. I want to all of you to have a year that is better than I already had this year (this is not so easy, but I really wish this for you 🙂 ). I also hope, we will get an awesome new version of NAV (‘Madeira’) next year; I already know some features and I am sure it will be really amazing new version.

And, of course, special thanks to my friends all around the world and especially to my family (my wife, son and dog).

New Dynamics ‘Give Me 5’ Promotion

Few days ago, Microsoft has published new “Give Me 5” FY16Q1 customer promotion. New customers that buy license between now and end of September can get Starter Pack + 2 Full Users for 6000USD. But I have to underline that this is available for US market only.

Unfortunately, we have not explanation why this promotion is only for US market. Only we know, this promotion is valid for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP and for new customers on US market.

I hope, we will get the same promotion in the rest of the world soon. The same promotions help us every time in competition with the local solutions and in undecided potential customers. I hope it will be good for Microsoft and for partners altogether.

MS Network 5 Retrospection

Last week, I was mainly in Neum (Bosnia and Herzegovina). Small town Neum on Adriatic see was a host of the MS Network 5, the biggest Microsoft Conference in Bosnia. I was on this conference for the second time, and I’m honored to be a part of this conference.

I have spent a 24 hours in my car on this trip, but I’m still happy about my participation on this conference. This is not Dynamics conference, but I was impressed how many people want to learn something about NAV. I had to stay an extra half-hour after the lecture to give an answers on all questions and I’m really happy about this. People want NAV and want to upgrade to the newest version.

Except my lecture, I attended on other sessions and learned a lot of news about other technology from my friends (outside NAV). I think I have to learn other technology every time I can. We have a small problems about internet in hotel, but this was a challenge how to prepare demo on Azure without internet :). But we solved all these problems, and everything was an awesome.

Big thank to Enis and other guys from Microsoft in Bosnia. I will gladly be a part of this conference the next year. We had adventures on trip (guys in my car know what I say) and big friendship on conference. In one word, awesome. See you.


Welcome to my new blog

Hi. This is my new blog totovic.com. I already wrote a blog on http://nav4construction.wordpress.com/, but I decided to leave this blog dedicated only to construction business. In earlier period, I wrote non-construction NAV articles directly on Microsoft Community Blog, but I think now is the time to open new blog dedicated only about Microsoft Dynamics NAV. We will get new NAV version (NAV 2015) soon and I want to write here about it.