Bricks in NAV 2016 Phone Client

When we use lists in NAV 2016 Phone Client, we can notice some differences. This difference is based on new Field Group in NAV 2016. We can use a Brick Field Group to optimize space and readability for data that appears in page types such as ListPart, ListPlus, and List. The brick view compresses up to six columns of data and is only displayed when the page is shown on the NAV Phone client.


This view has some limitations, for example you cannot delete directly in the list, indentation in repeater controls is not available, factboxes, multi selection, custom sorting, and advanced filtering are not available…

To open the Field Groups window, choose View, and then choose Field Groups. In a table, we can see two Field Groups: DropDown and Brick. If Brick Field Group doesn’t exists, DropDown is interpreted as Brick. Depending on the number of columns that we defined in the Field Group for the Brick, the layout was dynamically change.


The brick layout supports using the Style Property and StyleExpr Property on pages that lets you mark, for example, numbers as favorable or unfavorable.


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