My sessions on this fall conference season

This fall Dynamics NAV conference season will start soon, in two months and it is the last moment to register on conference you planned to go. This season we expect thick events schedule and officially season will start in Orlando on Directions NA at September 17th. If you need the full list of Dynamics conferences, you can find here.

I’ll have my session on three of these conferences. First I’ll start with Directions NA, then continue with Directions EMEA and finish my season on NAVUG Summit.


I’ll have the same session on Directions NA and Directions EMEA – ‘Project Management Methodology in Dynamics 365 BE Implementation‘ and I already wrote about this topic.

My first session will be third day of Directions NA – September 19th at 3:15pm. As I said, I’ll have the same session on Directions EMEA, and it will be at the first day of conference, after Keynote – October 4th at 11:15am. After these two conferences where I’ll have soft skills topic (project management), I’ll have more technical topics on NAVUG Summit, starting from October 11.

My topics will be how to use Flows with NAV, where I’ll show not only technical topic, but also practical example how and where to use it. And then, I’ll have topic about variations in Manufacturing in NAV, where I’ll try to transfer my experiences in a lot of Mfg implementations. Schedule is published, but it will be changed for sure. I know this, because I need to provide two sessions in the same moment 🙂 … and I know myself, I cannot do it 🙂

See you there…


NAVUG European Congress

This year, we will have NAVUG Congress in Europe for the first time. This congress is the amazing idea and it is intended for NAV users. Stuttgart in Germany will be a host of this conference. The conference is scheduled at the beginning of May (9-10 May).


It will be the great opportunity to meet your colleagues all around the Europe and a lot of really good experts as well. Lot of them will be speakers and I hope you will learn something new. Unfortunately, I’ll not be on this conference because of other obligations, but I hope I’ll be there next year.

Directions EMEA 2015 Review

One day after Directions EMEA was closed. I’m again in my country and I’m in my company again. NAV 2016 is now reality and unfortunately, there is no localization for my country; we’ve just started with localization process.

The last three days in Mannheim were amazing. We have had the biggest Direction EMEA event ever with 1369 attendees from 532 companies and 42 countries. Event organization was simple perfect; everything was as you expect and Congress Center Rosengarten was the excellent place. And not to forget, we have had beautiful Oktoberfest theme dinner.


Unfortunately because of my backache, I could not be involved in event as I really want. But, I’ve tried to see as many sessions as I could. There were awesome sessions about NAV 2016, MVP track and really good other tracks. There were also phenomenal workshops and Cloud SureStep track as well. Maybe I’ve forget some of tracks, but all of them were amazing. And it was the first time I’ve had my own session on Directions. In was beautiful feeling and the great honor.

About new NAV 2016, as an MVP I’ve been part of the ACE program and I already saw the most of new features, but all sessions about these news were still very interesting. All these news are amazing and it was very hard not to talk about them.

And now we will have Directions NA in two following weeks in Orlando. I hope, it will be the great event as well. I will be there for the first time in my life and I will have my session again.


After this event we will finishing with Directions season this year. I’ll waiting next year and new Directions season. Directions EMEA 2016 will be in Prague on October 12-14. See you there next year with new NAV ‘Madeira’.