My PPTs from Directions EMEA and NA

I’ve just published my Power Point presentations from both of Directions conferences. You can find presentations from Directions EMEA and Directions NA. I didn’t want to publish them earlier because Directions NA wasn’t closed.

Now, you can find all details from these two presentations and learn how to implement standard NAV solution in construction business. If you need some help about this, give me a question. If you want to know more about vertical solution for NAV in Construction, I will answer everything you need.

Presentation from Directions EMEA 2015

Presentation from Directions NA 2015

These presentations will be available for download until the end of this year.


Directions EMEA 2015 Review

One day after Directions EMEA was closed. I’m again in my country and I’m in my company again. NAV 2016 is now reality and unfortunately, there is no localization for my country; we’ve just started with localization process.

The last three days in Mannheim were amazing. We have had the biggest Direction EMEA event ever with 1369 attendees from 532 companies and 42 countries. Event organization was simple perfect; everything was as you expect and Congress Center Rosengarten was the excellent place. And not to forget, we have had beautiful Oktoberfest theme dinner.


Unfortunately because of my backache, I could not be involved in event as I really want. But, I’ve tried to see as many sessions as I could. There were awesome sessions about NAV 2016, MVP track and really good other tracks. There were also phenomenal workshops and Cloud SureStep track as well. Maybe I’ve forget some of tracks, but all of them were amazing. And it was the first time I’ve had my own session on Directions. In was beautiful feeling and the great honor.

About new NAV 2016, as an MVP I’ve been part of the ACE program and I already saw the most of new features, but all sessions about these news were still very interesting. All these news are amazing and it was very hard not to talk about them.

And now we will have Directions NA in two following weeks in Orlando. I hope, it will be the great event as well. I will be there for the first time in my life and I will have my session again.


After this event we will finishing with Directions season this year. I’ll waiting next year and new Directions season. Directions EMEA 2016 will be in Prague on October 12-14. See you there next year with new NAV ‘Madeira’.

After NAV 2016, NAV ‘Madeira’ Is Coming

Unfortunately because of my backache, I cannot be involved in this year Directions EMEA as I really want. But I try as I can. On other side, I have more time to write.

Yesterday and today we’ve heard a lot of amazing news in NAV 2016. It is one of the best releases and I think we can say that people from Microsoft made awesome product. A lot of functional features and more technical really good things. We will speak about them in few following months. There will be a lot of documents, videos… I hope a new projects…

But what next. For now, we have information where will be the next Directions EMEA. It will be one of the most beautiful cities on the world – Prague, for the second time. And we also know what a code name of next NAV release is. It is NAV ‘Madeira’ and we can start to find it on an open see.


What we can expect in this new release? Currently, we know only few initial priorities, but it looks pretty good:

  • Office 365: Further enhanced “in” Office 365 experience
  • Azure: Pre-packaged Azure ML services
  • Core Product: Developer experience, More service integrations
  • Deployment: Fast set up, Easy configuration

A now, let’s start to use NAV 2016 and waiting for new features the next year in the same time.

Directions EMEA and NAV 2016 General Availability

This is my first reporting from Directions EMEA this year. I’ve arrived in Mannheim two days earlier because of my other obligations and I registered yesterday after rain stopped, but this is actually first day of Directions EMEA 2015. Keynote is finished and from this moment, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 is generally available.


Group of Microsoft Dynamics Program Managers with Marko Perisic as leader, made an awesome job on scene. They presented the most important news in new NAV release very effective. Of course, guys from Continia also made amazing show in second part of Keynote with their new solution. Now, other sessions are starting and we can see lot of news and interesting things.

On Keynote scene we could see NAV Mobile App, a lot of new Web Client features, e-service exchange in practice, natively CRM Online integration, natively NAV reporting in Power BI,… I don’t want to write about all news now. I will write about them, one by one in few following posts.

Now, I only want to say that you can download new NAV now from this Partner Source link and let’s driving start. Now nothing else about NAV 2016 is not by NDA.